I have posted some of my work on this page. Unfortunately, most of the work I do is in a course management system, but this will give you some idea what I've been up to. I have posted some of my notable projects dating back to the late 1990s. My more recent, and more relevant work is listed first.

Dermatology YouTube Channel

I am currently managing a Masters Program for the Dermatology department at the University of Miami. As a part of the marketing for this Hybrid master's program, I recorded, editted and produced a series of videos to highlight the work being conducting by the department. We have about 20 videos recorded to date. Many of these are or talented surgeons and NIH researcher.
(August 2017-present)

Storyline Articulate Storyline

While at the School of Business I worked on competency based MBA programs at the University of Miami. The faculty and I developed a number of activities with Articulate Storyline. I discovered this program a couple of years ago and developed this video to demonstrate the basics, but you can do a lot more than I describe here. In addition to your typical narrated presentation this program, it offers interactivity and programming but without coding. It allows for variable based calls, SCORM, communication with an LMS, and easy WSIWYG/GUI development. We published materials that interacted with Blackboard and published scenarios as flash and HTML5. We used it to create several interesting course activities and case studies for our learners. (August 2014-June 2015)

Florida Hire ED Grant

UWF Videos

I've begun developing materials for the University of West Florida. This piece is for the Hire ED IT grant, a department of labor grant. It describes our IT Academy and some of the certifications students are getting through this program. We decided to use student testimonials because new students can easily identify with folks, because they are like themselves.
(August 2014)

Chalmers Brothers

NSF Videos

In my time here at NSF I have been fortunate to have edited and help produced several projects that have involved the development of video for our streaming video server and YouTube. We have produced hour long lecture capture videos like the one to the left, and short little snippets for our online course or our Public Service Announcements. Here for instance is a green screen product we produced with Dr. José Munoz and Dr. Joanne Tornow and posted on NSF Youtube channel.
(January 2013-January 2014).

Here are some other examples:
Chalmers Brother Book Lecture
Lactation Seminar
Dr Marrett's CFC Video
Picture Yourself at NSF: Senior Executive Service

Tricaster videos

Tricaster Videos

During the summer of 2012 I and my fellow NSU faculty were experimenting with a new video capture system, the Newtek Tricaster. After some discussion I led an effort the group to develop a series of course videos for one of our foundation courses. So as a group we wrote scripts, directed, and developed a series of short videos. I served as the video editor for this team and learned a thing or two about Apple Motion, HTML5 and green screen video. This was all in my effort to help support title V's champions program. Of course we had some fun with the green screen too (Cruise video).

Here are several examples of our combined efforts (Sept 2012):

Reading Concentration videos

Question 1 - Courses?
Question 2 - Prof Orgs?
Question 3 - Characteristics?
Question 4 - Employment?
Question 5 - Research?

Special Education Conc

Question 1 - Courses?
Question 2 - Prof Orgs?
Question 3 - Characteristics?
Question 4 - Employment?
Question 5 - Research?

The Logic of Qualitative Design

This is an example lecture capture video that I produced with the Tricaster and a green screen. Dr. Desir provided a medium length (38 minute) "lecturette" on Qualitative design. I edited the piece and used Camtasia to produce the menu.
(requires requires flash Adobe Flash) (Sept 2012)


EDU 600

I worked with Dr. Maryann Tobin and a number of faculty to develop a set of video modules for a Masters level teacher education course. I'm rather proud it as we used green screen video and the Tricaster. I'm also employing HTML5 to make this possible. (orientation)
(August 2012)


EDD 8001 Instructional Design - As a Professor I was honored to teach Nova's graduate level Instructional Design course - EDD8001. I had worked with Drs. Lou and Jim Carey, as a doctoral student so I was a bit partial to the Dick and Carey Model.

This page shows some of the materials I produced as apart of that course (online lectures, podcast, Syllabus, etc). I taught this course each semester for 2 years. I was the faculty of record for this course but had several adjuncts, I worked with them and translated the materials into Spanish, this page has the spanish version.


EDD 8124 Theories of Learning - This was perhaps my favorite course, that I taught at Nova because it included a wide variety of theoretical issues. This page shows some of the materials I produced (online lectures, readings, podcasts, Syllabus, etc). I taught this course over a couple of years. I was the faculty of record for this course but had several adjuncts that help me meet the demand for this popular course. I even worked with them and translated these materials into Spanish, this page shows the Spanish version.

Animated demonstrations

My dissertation work revolved around something called animated demonstrations, this as opposed to narrated presentations (next section). Animated demonstrations are usually short, narrated, web-based presentations that show learners how to do something (procedural learning), usually how to use a computer program. This example is from my dissertation, but I have taught online courses using these presentations too. My research shows they elicit something called the worked-example effect. This form of instruction can be generalized to any computer program. Some may believe this a passive form of instruction, to that I say "open another web page, interact and follow along."

Here are a couple of examples (year produced):
EDU 600 Welcome Video (2012)
Storyline (2012)
Hierarchical Analysis Diagram (2011)
LearnNSF Quickstart (2010)
Office 2007 Differences Overview
eOPF  - Electronic Official Personal Folder
eJacket demonstration (2009)
Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) in Kompozer (2008)
Photoshop Collage tutorial (2007)
Mr. Potato head tutorial
Panthersoft Faculty Tutorials
PeopleSoft Financials (2004)

(These require Adobe Flash) (July 2004-present)

Narrated presentations (Learning Theories Series)
Narrated presentations are different from animated demonstrations because they rely on a different type of memory (declarative memory). These presentations are useful for providing lecture-style, principle or concept-based material. They may be presented either as a web-based narrated presentation or as a downloadable podcast. I've been using several programs (Adobe Presenter & Articulate) to produce these presentations. I have been working with university faculty and NSF employees over the past 6 or 7 years to produce somewhere between 100-150 of these presentations, some as long as one hour (keep them shorter, if possible). But we are also begining to experiment with video at Nova. Here are a couple of examples that either I have narrated, or helped others to produce:

Learning Theories series

Blackboard Collaborate Techniques
Data Collection
Organization Elements Model
Yellow Fever & Dengue
Project Management
Domains of learning

Instructional Design series

Qualitative Design
Minimizing Implicit Bias
Security Awareness
Knowledge check questions
Hurricane Formation
Dissertation Defense


Tropical Dolphin Research Foundation

This is a website that I developed to promote a non-profit foundation. I had some fun with it, as I used a variety of web development techniques like AJAX (CSS & JavaScript) tools, Lightbox to popup some of the images, produce a slide show, and the a variety of other web tools, like complex CSS styles. This was my summer project and I spent a couple of months on it. We later added Google Adsense and PayPal as means of collecting donations. If you have the time donate some "dollars for dolphins" to promote wild dolphin research.
(June 2011-present)


ITDE @ AECT 2011

This is a short music video that I produced with Final Cut Pro.
It was suggested that we develop a short music video to help promote student attendance at the AECT conference, so I volunteered to edit together some footage from the conference. It shows the conference sessions, University Night, and the ITDE/Information Age Publishers reception. A special thanks goes out to my fellow ITDEers -- Lili Steiner and Dr. Anymir Orellana, who served as videographers.
(Decemeber, 2011)


Public Service Announcements

At NSF, we developed a number of Public Service Announcements (PSAs) for our internal communications within the foundation. I like working on these short videos because you can produce them in an afternoon (conception to product). PSA in a day is my mantra. I used Camtasia to develop captions, to be 508 compliant.

Here are a couple more examples that have played in our intranet and on the announce channel:
National Preparedness Month
Memorial Day
Health and Wellness
Technical Literacy

(requires Adobe Flash) (April 2010 - Sept 2010)

green screen

Green Screen Video

One afternoon my team and I decided to test the green screen in Adobe Premiere. I decided to use that to add a little narration to explain how you could use a green screen. In this short video I begin to describe green screen video techniques. (requires requires flash Adobe Flash) (July 2010)

Password problems (silent movie)

My team was asked to produce a "short," or 15 second commercial for our internal signage. However they were having audio difficulties with the Announce channel. It wouldn't allow you to sync a person's audio to there video! So when the world gives you lemons, I always say: "give 'em lemonade!" So we made a silent movie by adding dust and other special effects with Final Cut Pro.
(requires Adobe Flash) (April 2010)

Course Introduction Movies
While working at USF I was lucky to have had a mini television studio (the studio classroom) at the College of Public Health. During Spring 2009 I made use of it, to direct and produce a series of eight short course introduction movies, for several of our fully online courses. I used Adobe Premiere Pro to edit these short videos and did some minor touch up work, like adding the titles. This just makes me wish for more projects... Thanks to all the faculty, that helped make this possible!
(requires Adobe Flash) (December 2008-January 2009)

COPH Promotional videos
We interviewed some recent graduates of the Masters in Health Administration (MHA) program, to produce some recruiting materials for the College of Public Health. So I volunteered to edit this material. The goal of this project was to produce a series of these short vignettes, to distribute as podcasts via USF Health's iTunesU. I have also posted it as web-based video.
(requires Adobe Flash) (December 2007)

LIS5937 Web Design for Libraries
I was asked to teach a fully online graduate course for Library and Information Science (Spring 2008). I inherited this course, and would have liked to have had the chance to redesign it, but didn't have that luxury. So I developed a lot of materials to fit the current structure. Mainly, I developed a lot of animated demonstrations and narrated PowerPoint presentations.
(requires Adobe Flash) (December 2007-May 2008)

This is a project I developed for FIU. It's my first attempt at something I call a "demobank." It's basically a schema based set of animated demonstrations delivered via the web. I developed this with TechSmith Camtasia. Later I developed a much larger PeopleSoft Financials prototype for FIU. FIU liked it so much they asked me to direct a group of PantherSoft developers to produce a larger intranet training product.
(requires Adobe Flash)

(August 2004-April 2005)

NCATE (University of Miami)
During the Fall of 2003, I had the opportunity to develop a prototype NCATE web site, for the School of Education at the University of Miami. So I adapted their current style and developed these materials. (November 2003)

WebCT 1999 Orientation Video
I have recently converted this video which Educational Outreach originally distributed on VHS. This is a WebCT orientation video which was developed rather quickly in order to provide some guidance to our "teleweb" - Open University students. This project is more about substance than style, so please forgive the production values. Just for fun, I recently (Nov 2005) converted my old VHS tape into a flash video.
(requires Adobe Flash)


The Florida Cow Cavalry
This project was developed during Spring 2001 as an assignment for EME 6613. Even though the subject matter was somewhat odd, this project was useful because it helped me to develop my Macromedia Flash skills. Our assignment was to teach fourth graders Florida Civil War History via multimedia.  This project was to be posted as a part of the "A Teachers Guide to Florida History."
(April 2001) (requires Adobe Flash)

Student Affairs, USF
For four years I served as the webmaster for Student Affairs at the University of South Florida. As Student Affairs first webmaster it was my job to organize a series of administrative sites under one division level site. So I coordinated the various webmasters from the 23 departments of Student Affairs and developed the USF Student Affairs website.
(September 1999-August 2003)

LIS 6303 - Preparing Instructional Media
During Fall 1998, Dr. Jim Carey asked if I would teach one of their graduate level courses, Preparing Instructional Media. I of course jumped at the opportunity. As a part of this class I decided to test what was at that time a new web course development tool (WebCT). This is what we would now describe as a web-assisted or blended class. (September, 1998)