Preparing Instructional Media - LIS 6303

University of South Florida at Lakeland
School of Library and Information Science
Fall 1998, Mondays, 5:00-8:00 PM
LAC 1172

Course Description:

This course is part of the state certification program for public school library media specialists. A variety of media formats will be studied in the course, and the following considerations will be included in each of the formats:

  • planning for the use of media
  • designing mediated materials
  • producing mediated materials
  • using mediated materials
  • evaluating effectiveness and revising mediated materials
  • The course will emphasize the development of skills through hands-on activities. Materials production projects and simulations will comprise a major part of the assignments. The topic of media literacy in the school curriculum will also be addressed.



    David Lewis

    Office: SVC 036 (Tampa Campus)
    Phone: 974-6838

    Office Hours

    Monday: 8:00-9:00 pm
    (and at other times by appointment)

    Course Web Site:

    It's very important that you visit this site often. Initially it will be based on your syllabus. However, your printed syllabus is a static document and will not change. The website will change and grow and will serve as your "Course Launch Pad."


    Required Textbooks:

    Perspection Inc. (1997). Microsoft PowerPoint 97 At a Glance. Microsoft Press: Redmond, WA. ISBN 1-57231-368-4

    Yale C/AIM Web Style Guide - web version

    Portable Document File (PDF) available for download at:

    A PDF requires Adobe Acrobat Reader 3.0 software (free software available at allows you to view, navigate, and print PDF files across all major computing platforms.

    Reference Texts:

    These books are on reserve in the USF Library Lakeland:

    Barron, Ann and Karen Ivers. The Internet and Instruction. Littleton, CO: Libraries Unlimited, 1996.

    Barron, Ann and Gary Orwig. New Technologies for Education. Littleton, CO: Libraries Unlimited, 1997.

    Heinich, Robert, Michael Molenda, and James D. Russell. Instructional Media and the New Technologies of Instruction. New York, NY: Macmillan Publishing Company, 1996.

    Kemp, Jerrold E. and Don C. Smellie. Planning, Producing, and Using Instructional Technologies. New York, NY: HarperCollins Publishers, 1994.

    Hurlburt, Allen, Layout : the design of the printed page New York : Watson-Guptill Publications, 1977.

    Patrick J. Lynch and Phillip I. Simon Official Internet World Manual of Web Style Mecklermed ISBN: 1572070161 [(not available through the USF library system) print version of above Yale C/AIM Web Style Guide]

    In addition to being on reserve in the library in Lakeland, the assigned readings from these texts will be available on the web through the USF Library Electronic Reserve System (

    Course Calendar:

    Meeting 1 - 9/24


    • Discuss Syllabus

    Discussion Topics:

    Lab Exercises:
    Prerequisite Skills

    • Windows 95 tutorial
    • Netscape Navigator Navigation
    • PowerPoint 97
      • Microsoft Wizards
      • AutoContent Wizard

    Meeting 2 - 9/31

    Discussion Topics:

    • Analysis cont'd:
      • Writing Objectives
    • Design:
      • Text Design
      • Graphic Design

    Lab Exercises:

    Powerpoint Introduction

    Project 1 Description

    Mock "overheads" project


    Microsoft PowerPoint 97 At a Glance

    Email: David Lewis

    Subscribe: to ALIS listserv
    (refer to handout)

    Reading Assignment:

    Read PowerPoint 97

    pp. 1-50
    • starting PPT
    • PPT toolbar and menus
    • pick a look wizard
    • autolayout
    • outline view
    • slide view
    • slide sorter view
    • notes pages view
    • text boxes
    • changing and adding text
    • text formatting

    Bring to class:

    • PowerPoint 97 At a Glance
    • (2) 3.5" floppy disks

    Labor Day - 9/7

    no class

    Meeting 3 - 9/21

    Discussion Topic: Development
    Choosing Media

    Lab Exercises:
    Scanning Graphics

    • Storyboard tryouts
    • Storyboard revisions

    Read: Kemp

    Ch. 3 (skim and keep for reference--124 design principles)

    Ch. 4 & 6 (read and use in completing "overheads" assignment)

    Ch. 5 (skim FYI)

    Read through PowerPoint 97

    pp. 51-58, 71-114, 134-139
    • using Microsoft Draw
    • inserting Draw objects
    • manipulating graphic objects
    • inserting Pictures
      • clipart
      • from a file
    • inserting wordart
    • inserting Paintbrush
    • PowerPoint slide masters
      • formatting slide masters
      • customizing slide masters
    • Printing a Presentation (p174)

    Bring the following to class:

    "Overhead" materials:

    • about 20 4" by 6" index cards
    • an idea and necessary information for a ten to fifteen slides with minimum of 10-15 storyboard cards with speaker's notes

    Meeting 4 - 9/21

    Discussion Topic:

    Project 2 Description
    ("Electronic" Presentation)

    Lab Exercises:

    Turn in Project 1

    Read through Powerpoint 97,

    pp. 59-70, 163-197
    • builds
    • transitions
    • managing foreground and background in slide templates
    • creating custom slide templates
    • using color schemes
    • changing colors
    • adding colors

    Read: Heinich

    • Ch. 3 (read for graphic design ideas)

    Meeting  5 - 9/28

    Discussion Topic:

    • Summative
    • Formative

    Lab Exercises:

    PowerPoint Evaluation exercise

    Read through Powerpoint 97

    pp. 114-121, 198-211
    • inserting multimedia clips
    • using animation
    • hyperlinking in Powerpoint
    • specialized audio and narration

    Read: Evaluating Instructional Software (by Reiser & Dick)

    Bring :design work and storyboard for 5 minute Powerpoint electronic slide show

    Meeting 6 - 10/5

    Discussion Topic:

    Considerations when developing Graphs and Charts

    Lab Exercises:

    Making a Powerpoint Webpage

    Read through Powerpoint 97,

    pp. 140-162, 213-237
    • creating a graph
    • editing a graph
    • formatting a graph
    • creating organizational charts
    • editing organizational charts
    • pack and go
    • presenting a slide show
    • Powerpoint and the WWW

    Read: Heinich

    • Chapters 8 and 9 on computers and multimedia systems in education

    Meeting 7 - 10/12

    Discussion Topic:

    • MS Publisher Demo
    • Project 3 - Microsoft Publisher 98 Newsletter

    Project 2 "Electronic" presentation

    Each student will stand in front of the class and present their Presentation (no more than 5-10 minutes)

    Meeting 8 - 10/19

    Discussion Topic:
    Page Layout Design Considerations

    Lab Exercises:

    MS Publisher Handouts

    Read: Layout : the design of the printed page (p?)

    Meeting 9 - 10/26

    Discussion Topic:

    The Internet & Hypertext Markup Language (HTML)

    Lab Exercises:

    HTML coding

    Project 4 -"WebQuest!"

    Turn in Project 3

    Meeting 10 - 11/2

    Discussion Topic:

    Web Processors:
    Page Composer
    Claris Homepage

    Lab Exercises:

    The Daffy Duck Homepage


    Some Thoughts About WebQuest

    Meeting 11 - 11/9

    Discussion Topic:

    Web Site Design

    Interface Design
    Page Design
    Site Design

    Lab Exercises:

    Developing a Site Map WebCT

    Bulletin Boards


    Yale C/AIM Web Style Guide

    Interface Design
    Page Design
    Site Design


    Meeting 12 - 11/16

    Discussion Topic:

    Web Graphics
    Web Servers

    Lab Exercises:

    Digital Camera
    Adding Graphics
    Personal Homepages

    Login into Course WebCT Web Site and Participate in the WebQuest Bulletin Board discussion

    Download and fill out:
    Personal Homepage Template

    Bring: your Personal Homepage
    (on a floppy disk)

    Meeting 13 - 11/23

    Discussion Topic:
    Web Servers

    Lab Exercises:
    Work Session - Work on your WebQuests

    Meeting 14 - 11/30

    WebQuest Presentations
    last revised: Sept 4, 1998