EDU600 - The Educator Accomplished Practices Seminar

Content area faculty - Maryann Tobin, Ph.D.

EDU600 is a required course taken by all students in the GTEP Masters program.
These faculty collaborated with TitleV-B to develop these course modules.

Faculty Person
Subject matter
Maryann Tobin Maryann Tobin, Ph.D.   Course walkthrough & navigation
Maryann Tobin Maryann Tobin, Ph.D. all Module 1 pt 1 - The Educator Accomplished Practices
Michelle Tenam-ZemachMichelle Tenam-Zemach, Ed.D. Module 1 pt 2 - What is Your Educational Philosophy?
Troy RobinsonTroy Robinson, Ed.D. a.1 Module 2 - Instructional Design and Lesson Planning
Lina ChiapponeLina Chiappone, Ph.D. a.2 Module 3 - The Learning  Environment
Maryann Tobin Maryann Tobin, Ph.D. a.3 Module 4 - Instructional Delivery and Facilitation
Michelle Tenam-ZemachMichelle Tenam-Zemach, Ed.D. a.4 Module 5 - Assessment
Lina ChiapponeLina Chiappone, Ph.D. b.5 Module 6 - Continuous Professional Improvement
David Lewis David Lewis, Ph.D. b.6 Module 7 - Prof Responsibility and Ethical Conduct
Maryann Tobin Maryann Tobin, Ph.D.   Module 8 - Conclusion